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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Diary of a Work Experience Student

As a firm with strong local connections we really enjoy helping out the local schools, colleges and universities by offering work experience places to their students. This week we have welcomed Lauren Key, aged 14, from Selston Arts and Community College. She is considering going into the legal profession and wanted to gain a little bit of an understanding of how a legal office works. We have asked her to contribute to our blog so give you an insight into her week with us and what she has accomplished.

Ladies and Gentlemen………………I present Miss Lauren Key:-

I go to a local school, and I recently applied for a work experience placement at QualitySolicitors Chapman and Chubb. I was very nervous on my first day, mainly because I didn’t really know what to expect and I had never met the people who work here before. When I arrived everyone was very welcoming and friendly, and I quickly adjusted to the new environment and surroundings. I believe that my confidence has built during my time here at Chapman and Chubb.

Throughout my time here, everyone has been extremely helpful wherever help was needed. The atmosphere in Chapman and Chubb was very friendly; everyone who works here is approachable. I have deeply enjoyed my time here (and don’t really want to leave), I would definitely recommend this business to anyone who needs legal help or if, like me, you want to look into that field of work and see what it is like.

I did a variety of different tasks during my time at Chapman and Chubb, which are as follows:-

·        I did some filing;
·        I was able to sit with Aileen, whilst she was with clients quite a few times
·        I read through a couple of files, which helped me gain a greater understanding of what solicitors do and how they work.
·        I sat at reception on a few occasions, I helped with general office tasks such as shredding, post and switchboard operation
·        I made drinks for staff
·        On one occasion I had to phone another solicitor and find out some information
·        I got the opportunity to listen to some dictation notes and write them up into letters for clients and other businesses.

Everyday I was learning something new. This for me was extremely important.

By joining Chapman and Chubb for a week, I have gained an insight into what solicitors do. There is a variety of departments to work in, in this field of work. It has not only given me the experience of what work life is really like, but it has given me a greater understanding of what I want to achieve when I am older. 

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