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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How to take control of your Twitter account?

You may wish to do this if you Twitter account has been hacked/phished.

This requires three simple steps

A) Have a look which applications are using your Twitter account
Follow below:
Login to your Twitter account
Click on the symbol, on top of your screen on the right side 
Click on ‘Settings’
Click on 'Apps', on left of screen
Do you see any services you do not recognise? Be a 100% sure that this application is unwanted, then revoke access.

Now going fast to the second very important step.
B) Change your password
Click on the symbol, because you are still logged in
Click on ‘Settings’
Click on 'Password', on left of screen
Change this totally to something else

C) Apologise
Now you have full control of your Twitter account, it's time to send an apology message saying that you account was hacked and you have been sending spam tweets which you were unaware of. Mention that you have 100% control of your Twitter account again.

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