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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Warning Energy Companies Direct Debit Rip-Off

Some energy companies are sending letters to consumers saying they have reviewed their direct debit payments and the amount taken will be increased. We have had a letter ourselves stating “We’ve just completed your latest review and your Direct Debit payment has been different to your usage, so we’ve now calculated your new payment amount which we’ve summarised for you”. Our new calculated payment would constitute an increase of just over 35% on our previous payments even though we are actually in credit by more than a single monthly payment. I contacted our supplier, EDF, and told them their review didn’t make sense and they immediately, without any argument, changed our future direct debit payment back to the amount we had been paying for the last year! 

If you receive a similar letter, check it carefully, and if you disagree with your supplier’s assessment contact them.

A point of interest: the property to which the above refers in the last 12 months used less than £96 p/m of electricty. EDF calculated our future monthly usage to be £7,474.00!

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